The 8 Channel DVR Security System

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Maslow’s Hierarchy

According to the famous Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs, Safety and Security is the second basic need a human has to fulfill to advance to a higher form of peace. One of these outstanding and reliable surveillance devices is the 8 Channel DVR System. It will protect one’s property, whether it is a business establishment or in your own home. Individuals can have peace of mind plus a sense of security when they observe every part of the home. Especially true for business establishments where their products and inventory is located, it is a dire necessity to have accessible security devices to protect all aspects of business.

Feature Advantages

One of the outstanding and reliable security devices is the 8 channel DVR. The DVR System has an advantage in viewing and recording events that will transpire over a smaller 4 Channel DVR system. With the obvious stated, the DVR has more availability for expansion affording a larger protected area of security for the home and business. For a better and crisp clear viewing of the video, the 8 Channel DVR System produces high resolution images transported with H.264 compression over the internet. Every channel of the DVR is optimized with surveillance video created for expert recording. On top of that, the DVR is well supported with motion sensors. Motion sensors, being sensitive enough to detect the slightest movements, is an added factor of security when your establishment is closed for the day. In addition, the motion sensors will activate an alarm signal warning when there is electronic mail.

DVR Features

Another one of a kind feature of most 8 Channel DVR Systems is the user can activate its navigation even when the surveillance cameras are recording video. This is useful feature to review video without having to stop the recording of new video. Most 8 channel DVR’s are supported with H.264 Video Compression at CIF Resolution. This will provide precision transmission for viewing the video over the internet. DVRs properly configured to the LAN and WAN are easy to navigate allowing the user to set the type of video quality in each camera any where in the world. By doing this, disk space is saved providing the opportunity to save memory on the hard drive. 

Most DVRs have a Real Time Display and record at 24 plus FPS for recording clear images with very little lapse time. The user can enjoy watching the live action as it really happens. 

Central Management System

The 8 Channel DVR System is supported with a Central Management System (CMS). The CMS will enable the user to view simultaneously the video from as many as 8 different cameras in just one web browser window. The user can also set up 2 DVRs in two different locations within the same network allowing the video to be watched in one web browser window for improved convenience. The recording mode is continuous or is  pre-set on a time schedule. Multiple simultaneous logged in users viewing the video are possible. Safety and Security is never hard to attain with the use of the 8 Channel DVR System. Affordability with the highest functionality for protection and security are what this DVR delivers. 

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The 8 Channel DVR Security System

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The 8 Channel DVR Security System

This article was published on 2011/09/17